About Token

To enable more efficient transactions in certain industrial sectors, we thought of using Tokens to connect between each industry, and the coin developed for efficient use is the Transaction Ongoing System (TOS) Token.
Why TOS Token?
Increased value of TOS Token through real use
TOS Token will be used in the actual payment system in a short period of time through a contracted app. We will use TOS Token as a means of payment to purchase goods or goods within a particular application.
Pg’s Merchants
Pg’s merchants with mous will be encouraged to pay the rental fee through TOS. And the 90 tos tokens used for the purchase will be lock-up for a year. The remaining 10 TOS Tokens will be burned each month. The more merchants you use, the higher the value of your tokens.
Air-drop via Staking
As one way to increase the value of TOS Token, we conduct an Air-drop policy through Staking. If you hold more than 10,000 TOS in your personal wallet, you will receive 1.5 + @ of the volume you have on the first Thursday of every month. It will naturally increase the overall distribution volume of TOS Token by returning profits to holders, while at the same time reducing the actual distribution through lock-up policies to increase the value of the coin itself.
Token Token
Distribution volume 1,329,438

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